Michael Hardy

A picture of me sitting in front of some redwood trees

I am a Software Engineer who is interested in computer security. I have worked on projects in the fields of data processing, data storage and device management. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and trying to stay optimistic about the news.

From my blog: Running Rust Crates in GraalVM's LLVM Bitcode Executor

An attempt to run a whole Rust Crate compiled with Cargo in GraalVM.

Boosting Login Security

In high school I wrote a piece of software that records and compares user behavior, enabling continuous authentication for web sites. The system works by providing a data collection script to inject into pages and an API endpoint to return the trustworthiness of a user. The system allows site owners to improve the security of their login systems without requiring users to buy hardware tokens or set up alternate means of authentication.

Check out the project
A browser fingerprint (based on User-Agent, screen size, and color depth) and biometric information on how a user types are combined to get a trust score.